Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Devil's Log 6/6/6

I worked on some etudes Tim gave me. The are some Joe Pass Blues & Minor Blues etudes. Just running eight notes outlining harmony. They are so nice. He recommend I check out some Jimmy Rainey etudes as well. Right now, I'm just running trhough them. I put the chords in the loopstation and just read. After a couple hours of digesting I come back and there they are, under my fingers. My next step after just playing them is to analyze them from a chord shape basis to see how they relate the grips or scales that I already know. But right now, I"m just getting them under my figers and in my ear.
I've been singing along with them sometimes, but I've found that my voice gets tired quick. This could because either I need more caffiene, haven't done this in a while, or am still sore from playing baseball over the weekend. I'll start with caffinene and the move from there.
I moved forward on putting the licks into grips. Playing them over and over had run there course. I'm looking at the lines as the relate to the harmony (or reharms) and trying to associate them with chord grips. It's pretty easy. We'll see if it sticks.
I've got a couple licks under my fingers, but I don't think I really have it yet. The more know the less I know....
I dug out the Duke licks from last week and tried combing the two exercises. I came up with neat stuff on my own. My new favorite lick is a dimished sub arpeggio for a Dom 7 chord. It's my flashy lick right now.
My numbness is mildly back today and I'm a little bummed about it. This is a tough season for me to not to be feeling well. I'm just going to try to keep light and low stress for a while.
We'll see what the doctor says next week.
I finished the evening with headphones on and working through some old files. I found a Tim miller transcription and a Wolfgang head. I had been working on them both a little while ago. I'm going to try to add them into my book when they're ready.
I also spent some time just "b.s.ing" over some jazz-blues using my new "licks." I brought out Blues for Alice again.
In retrospect, I think I'm appreciating my new organizational system that I have going right now. When I get bored, frustrated or maxed out on what I'm working on, I've got a whole folder of ideas to refrence.


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