Monday, May 22, 2006


My design project is officially on the back burner now. I spent last night transcribing and arranging some tunes for this weekend. This morning I was reviewing the tunes and putting some fine touches on the arrangements. As a challenge I went back to my random chord exercise and I fell into a nice experience.
I haven't experiemented with the random chord drill in a while and I haven't been signing what I'm playing as much as I used to. Today when improvising over the chords I had a much better connection that I had previously.
First off, I started with only triads, major & minor. The chord progression I came up with was several bars long; maybe 12-16 chords. When things were going well I began to hear what my next note would be. I was mentally testing each note before I played it. At first I thought I was playing the note very softly to hear if sounded good or not, but in reality I was just thinking about the next note. The more I tought about it the worse it got. I remember coming close to this experience before. For me, I feel like I'm learning what "voice" to trust. I'm learning on how to listen to my ear and not my intellect. My intellect seems to always steer me wrong. It's got good intentions, but it's not the ear.


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