Thursday, April 20, 2006


oh yeah, I forgot about chromatic scales. How quickly that fades from my brain.....
We'll, I didn't realize it at the time, but the miles tune I was working on just had him playing on the head. There was one good lick in it, plus the chromatic scale observation. I'm going to try to use them both more in my playing. The miles lick was a nice arpeggio of a major chord startin on the on the 2 moving up chromaticly to the third and then descending down the triad an octave, until it ended on the third.... very simple lick.
I've been putting my ET exercises to task at playing melodies by ear. Either I'm playing a tune that I know and just playing the melody, the best I konw it, or I'm playing along with CDs (or really the iPod). It's a good exercise and I think it's where I need to put the majority of my focus on. By listening to others I'll get my sense of approriatnesss, plus licks.
Something unexpectd, but highly logical happened in my playing today. After playing all of those chromatic scales, when I went to just play over tunes I started coming up with chromatic lines. It's like a combonation of "duh" and "oh wow!"
Good things come to those who practice.


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