Saturday, March 25, 2006


I'm having trouble playing the last 11 seconds of Tim's solo up to speed. There is a sweep-picked arpeggio (I think) and it's done quite fast. Right now I'm thinking about it to much and I'm trying to the extended lick into my fingers at a 10% slowdown, hoping that this will help me to flow through the piece when it's time.
I've got the lick pretty well down at 10% less and I'm going to take a break to let my fingers process the information. There is a point of diminishing results that we can run into with any sort of playing. Right now I feel like I'm at the point of diminishing input. I don't think I could do anything else to get my fingers to understand this lick. I've played it enough times, they've just got to figure it out on their own time.
Half the day passed before I picked up the guitar again and before I did, I listened to Tim's Solo on loop in the background. As I picked up the guitar again the solo was better under my hands and only shaky in a few random places. The solo could use some steeping (maybe a week or two). So the solo has officially been learned and now I move on to tune #3.
When I came back to the Paul Desmond Solo I was a little out of place with it from having worked so much on the Tim Miller solo. Paul Desmond is such a different soloist. His time, feel and melodic sensibillity is so different I had a difficult time getting back into his swing. I'm too worried about it, as I bring these two tunes back into balance I think it will all even out.


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