Monday, February 13, 2006


I took my headphones & ipod with me as I went shoveling today. It took me the better part of an hour to get the parking spot cleared out. I spent the time familarizing myself with the CI tune as well as some Gamelan repetoire.
My other signifigant practice time was with recital prep. Tonight's rehersal is the piece that I had to work the most on. Everything has come together for it. It's a fast piece with some unusual voicings, so I basically had to memorize it. I've got it well down and up to tempo for tonights rehersal.
Starting tomorrow, I'm going to try to do an ET exam first thing in the morning. Given my ET test is first thing in the morning, I think this will be a good exercise.
ET: I'm doing well on my ET Harmonic test. I'm using my guitar to check ones that I feel hesitant on. This is a helps me from making incorrect impluse judgements. Most of the time I don't need the guitar, or when I do I was right in the first place. I'm very fascinated on how I hear the minor 7th as one particular note. It's a sound that I hear as a unit. Unfortunatley, 3rds are impossible for me sometimes. The major third sounds to dark and the minor sounds to bright. Whoops, how did that happen.
ET Melodic (ascending & descending): I'm doing much better on these as well. I'm getting more comforatable with this format, so I have less to think about when I'm doing this. I've trained myself to recognize these notes. It's a neat experience.


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