Thursday, February 09, 2006


I'm doing much better on my ET tests. I had a busy business day, but not some much time for guitar-in-hands practicing. I took adavantage of some down time late this evening and work on the ET tests at Teoria. I'm working very slow with ascending and descending intervals and I'm trying to very clear with my descions. If I make one wrong I try to figure out how I screwed up. Most of the time though, the wrong ones I've chosen are because I've made a silly mistake or I've hit the wrong button. I haven't been keeping track of how well I've been doing or how many answers I've got right, but I have been getting close to 100%. My only problem now is being able to do it faster. There are a couple of notes that I really have to think about in my head and sing a little bit to get it right. That's not very professional. I need this stuff down pat. It's a fun exercise in that in some respect, I know all of these intervals, but I dont' have it together enough to explain or demonstate my knowledge. Working trough this really clarefies what it is that I'm hearing and I think will do amazing things for my playing.
after I've written all these good things about myself, I can't believe how I can be confused about a minor 2nd. Sometimes it feels like there is a football field in between those two notes.


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