Saturday, January 14, 2006


Here’s a quick look back at the past week:
I had a very satisfying practice session in my car when I had an hour to kill between car repair and a lesson. I had my headphones, ipod and my Gamelan score to keep me busy. My big lesson from Tim Miller this past week was to utilize my stregnths more. I frequently make things too hard for myself. I know a lot of material and should play with that. The idea of improvising should be fun and invigorating. This is a lesson I preach to my students, but seem to have a hard to applying it to myself. It’s very easy for me to look at my playing and see all of the things that I don’t know or need improvement. It’s harder for me to feel comforatable with my strengths. I have a feeling it make take a while for me really learn this lesson solid.
I’ve been using this new approach to my practicing. I dusted off All The Things You Are and tried improvising over chord shapes and scale forms that I know well. The process was fulfilling because I it gave me less to think about with kept me from screwing up.
I also spent a little more time with Wes & Wolfgang this week.


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