Wednesday, October 12, 2005


It seemed like a long day. I was physically tired playing guitar. I should work out more. Sitting down and crouching over my instrument all day isn’t good for me.
I tried to incorporate some balance and planing into my practice today. I worked a little on creativity by working on writing a tune and improvising over a vamp (I’ll get that recording up soon). I spent the most of my time playing along, transposing, and transcribing tunes by Ella & Louis. I’m working on my foundations and sentimentality of jazz. I need to know the style more so I’m looking to Ella & Louis to clue me in with some standard tunes. McCoy Tyner & Herb Ellis on the album as well. Finally, I spend some time on the old melodic minor scale grips again.

Note: I’ve changed my ET exercise to incorporate ascending and descending intervals; still 20 examples.
ET intervals: 85%
I was surprised at how well I did with the descending intervals. That was previously my weakest point. I’ve been singing a lot more and I’ve been noticing my own pitch-stability increase. I still have to invert the descending intervals to double-check them. I’m going to have to clean that up.


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