Friday, September 23, 2005

slow & steady

I had some correspondence busywork today so I extracted Keith Jarrett’s Solo from Stella and put it on loop on my CD player. I spent a couple of hours just listening to the solo over and over again. Occasionally I would sing along. When I had dinner I brought out a transcription of the solo and read through the solo as the music played. In order for me to be more comfortable with this solo I need to know it inside and out. After dinner I worked on the first two choruses. There are some fast parts for me, so I’m going to have to slow it down a bit. After that I went back to my Wolfgang solo. The part I left off on last night was cool, but difficult. It was fast and bebopy. I forgot the phrasing and had to relearn the end part. On my second day at it I have a better feel for it, but didn’t have time to move forward on it.

ET test (ascending): 95%
I specifically did it after my practice and transcribing. I got the first 16 correct and then mistook a minor 6th for a tritone.


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