Thursday, September 29, 2005


Melodic Minor again today. Speed exercises and some different fingerings for some Mel. Minor licks I’m working on. I’m making real progress with this stuff this week. I’m really limiting my improvising exercises to specific areas where I know the fingerings and using that as my melodic material. It’s hard and I don’t sound good doing it, but I do recognize that I’m on the right track.

ET Ascending: 75%
I keep mistaking minor 6ths as major or consonant intervals and mixing up major 3rds as dissonant intervals. Sometimes I still get confused with 2nds as well. A couple of times I had a better feeling about the chord than my intellect, and I’m wondering if I ever will stop hearing “Here Comes The Bride,” “Star Wars,” and “N-B-C” as interval indicators.


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