Friday, September 30, 2005


I had some wedding music that I had to prepare & warm up on for this weekend. I spent all day on the nylon and most of it finger-style to get those muscles activated. I’m going to try to play a little quieter tomorrow. I think I try to play to loud (from a r.h. perspective) and it all comes out noisy. I think if I turn up a little more and play a little softer I’ll have more control and a better output.
Other than that, same old same old….
Melodic Minor shapes. I’m trying to really solidify E-7b5 to A alt & A-7b5 to D alt
That gives me a fifth and sixth string root for each chord easily. I’m still trying to get some nice shapes and licks down so I can cruise through those parts. I can play through them right now, but I can’t think very fast when I’m doing that.

ET Ascending: 65%
I started out well and then started making stupid mistakes. I should have warmed-up before hand.


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