Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Blah

The truth is that not much has changed in a while. I’m working on the same stuff everyday. I’m not making progress in leaps and bounds, it’s more like step by step. That’s understandable and expected, but it doesn’t make for an exciting practice blog. Because I haven’t logged in a while I’m going to start documenting some of the more boring aspects of my practice, just to keep this thing active. I’m going to put up the results of my daily ear training exercises and scan in some of the transcriptions I’m working on (even though I don’t want to). My conflict is that I do my transcriptions for me only, but I think sharing them may be helpful my students. Even though my transcriptions may not make sense to anyone other than me, I think it would be helpful to demonstrate a utilitarian approach to transcribing.

To start with, here are the results of today’s ET test. Right now I’m doing the Chromatic Melodic Ascending test: 20 questions = 70%

Here’s a quick recording of Improv or Stella (just one chorus).
And a quick vamp while we’re at it.


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