Thursday, September 22, 2005


I did another couple of measures of the wolfgang solo. This part was a little faster and more chromatic. He still playing diatonic to the key, but he’s handing out on dissonances to generate tension.

I had a neat experience: I was practicing one lick and trying to get it under my fingers and then the next thing I knew I had transposed it to another set of strings. I was impressed that my fingers knew melodically where to go and how to shift the pattern to get the same result. I continued with the idea and played around on different string and in different positions and was quiet pleased with the results: my fingers are getting smarter.

My memory from yesterday’s work was still there. It only took a little bit of work to put it back together.

Another interesting thing happened right after I had done my transcribing work. I quickly opened up my ear training exercises and went at the melodic ascending. I scored my highest yet. I also didn’t have to think about the answers. They were all there. I remember yesterday having trouble remember and distinguishing between some of the smaller intervals. Today they were obvious. It was a nice experience.
ET (ascending): 80%


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