Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I took most of Sunday off and spent it with Valerie. Monday I took a sick day. Today, I’m still sick, but I’ve got to practice.

I’ve got three things that I’m working on right now: speed exercises, a hand full of transcriptions, and some modal exercises. I spent most of my time today on the modal exercises. I worked on two main things: I would take the loopstation and record a modal vamp an then use Mick’s Unitar exercises up and down one string. Tim Miller gave me a tip on a way to take it to another level. He had me close my eyes and not look at the guitar as I play, so I don’t know what note I’m playing. My ears then become the determining factor on choosing the correct notes. It’s a neat exercise because it’s really like playing another instrument and a great workout for my ears. The other exercise I was doing with modes was just signing as I was playing. Again using my ears, but try to build some interesting melodies in the major modes. It’s neat. I’m really surpised at how much I like the darker modes: phrygian & locrain.

I played through my handful of solos and tried refreshing my brain on some that I forgot. I have to this exercise more regular so I can keep what I have and build upon it.

Finally, I worked on my speed exercises: eight, triplets & sixteenth notes at 90 bpm.


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