Friday, June 10, 2005


Even though I’m still sick I feel like I’m getting back to my routine. I was well enough today to do some exercises and warm up my upper-body for practice today. That really helped.
Ear Exercises: More of the same today. It’s tough putting myself in such a restrictive exercise such as play by ear: no shapes, no note names, no fretboard position. My instinct is to use on of these to my advantage, or maybe dependency, because I still screw up sometimes when I note what note I’m playing. Either way, it’s tough to put myself in a restrictive exercise because it’s almost irrelevant. It’s not contextually valid. To play up and down one string and be able to sing the next note before you play isn’t practical. Or is it? Of course it is, but I just don’t play this way. Maybe it’s that focusing so hard on this aspect is making me long for other perspectives on improvising. It’s also difficult because I really suck sometimes when I take away all my tools. It’s not always nice to see how unperfect you are or how someday you are going to get this, but just not today.

The one thing that I have noticed today is that I have decent sense of momentum and ritual to my practice time. Even though it’s tough and I don’t’ sound good on these exercises, I no that I need to do them, so that I don’t always sound this bad. I’m not using my practice time to sound good or to have fun, I’m really using it to work. I know what I have to do each day and I’m doing it. There is a certain aspect of that that is fulfilling.
Transcriptions: I played through my handful of solos. I had to brush up on a couple and I have some licks that I should work on in my spare time so I can get the Phillip Johnston & Paul Desmond solos up to speed.


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