Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Long Road

The past 10 days for me have been riddled with pain. I’ve had some back problems, right-shoulder problems and now I’m having some sharp-shooting pains in my left-hand. I think it’s mostly from me being out of shape and has been a good catalyst to for stretching and muscle building. Either way, I thought it was important to mention, because hopeful it will get better, but if it doesn’t than I know I have a start time.

I worked on two main things this afternoon: Time & All The Things You Are. My time exercises were working on sixteenth notes at 80 bpm & 85 bpm. I was playing major and minor scales and picking each note. My slurs are faster and my ascending figures are faster. I really have to work on my descending and descending slurs (pull-offs).

My ATTYA studies were with and without a metronome. I spent some time using the speed exercises to play through the changes, then I went to a more rubato feel to play more melodically and really think about my playing, both from a theoretical perspective and a melodic perspective.

My studies are going well, but I think I need to listen more to players and be able to understand what they are doing, the same way I can hear a rock riff and know exactly what that player is doing.


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