Tuesday, May 10, 2005


When I sat down with Tim Miller on Sunday we talked about some of the problems I’m having with hearing the changes. Our conclusion was that I’m not hearing the changes enough. I don’t know the changes intimately. I keep getting lost for a second or two as I’m playing. My assignment was to improvise through All The Thing You Are alternating between soloing through the changes vs. soloing over the changes. The latter would be more scale based playing. It’s a great assignment. I was getting frustrated with my sound and how radically different it sounded to the players I listen to. This approach is very exciting in that it gets my playing sounding good and close to what I’d like it sound. It’s a fun task and a big challenge to know the changes as well as I need to. Today I spent most of my time playing along with different ensembles playing ATTYA: Paul Desmond & Gerri Mulligan, Keith Jarrett, Bud Powell & The Allstars, Pat Metheny, Bill Evans, etc. It was a lot of fun and a great workout. Each ensemble had a different take and a different tempo. There were always new ideas to grab from. It ended up being and overwhelming and exhausting day playing guitar but I feel good. I haven’t sounded this good in a while and my speed is back. I had been a slow player for a while now. Listening and working on the tunes I have, I’ve built up my speed.


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