Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sew Watt

I burned a CD of the tunes I’m working on (just their solos). It has Paul Desmond, Phillip Johnston, Miles Davis, Bill Frisell, Charlie Christian & Bill Evans on it. The entire CD is 6:37 minutes long. I had a busy teaching schedule and some driving to do today, so to make up for less practicing, I listened to this CD over and over again as I was in the car. Sometimes I would loop just one solo, other times the whole CD. It was neat. When I had a chance to sit down and practice in the evening I worked exclusively on Miles solo on So What. It’s 1:54 minutes long and I played for about a half-hour to forty-five minuets straight. Every time the tune would start, I would think that it was my last time, but when I got to the end I would do it over again because I had gotten something right where I hadn’t before. It’s a neat tune with some interesting phrasing and some standard lines. It’s his weight that he gives to each note that I find fascinating. When I really could get it right I thought it was so neat, the symmetry between trumpet and guitar. Miles can be a little sloppy with some of his notes and it’s neat to hear what it sounds like soulfully and then cleanly. It was a neat but short exercise. I’d like to see how I’m doing tomorrow.


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