Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Revenge of the Journal

Update: Since the Klein has come in I have been involved in a little more drama in my life than I’m comfortable with. In short, the Klein is an amazing guitar, and I love playing it, but it’s got a couple problems with it. Lorenzo’s professionalism will make the difference in the next couple weeks. Mostly because of my frustration with this process, I’ve been hesitant to keep an online journal. Here’s what I’ve been doing the past two weeks:
April 16th – 27th: Charlie Christian (Solo Flight) and Paul Desmond with Gerri Mulligan on All The Things You are (first chorus only). Those are my big transcribing and examination tunes. It seems like they could keep me busy for quite a while. It some sense they are both pretty simple, but in another I’m totally amazed with their musicianship. They both tend to solo through the changes with the occasional approach note. Desmond’s prize is his phrasing. He has such a laid back sense to the changes and where they fall. I don’t totally understand how he can do it. And that brings me to my biggest frustration. I’m having difficulty merging comping through changes and soloing through changes. When I’m comping, I hardly ever get lost through a tune. I’m always there and have a voicing to go to. When I’m soloing it’s like I forgot what tune I’m playing. I think I should be able to using my comping brain as I’m improvising melodically, but right now it’s not there. I’ve been working on soloing using shapes and Mick Goodrick’s Unitar exercises. I think (hopefully) the more I focus on fixing the problem, the more it will alleviate itself.

Today: I started out with reviewing my Desmond & Christian solos. Charlie’s solo is easier to play and easier to grab info from. I worked on Desmond’s more because I still can’t play it up to speed and I want to dig a little deeper into why he’s playing some of these phrases. The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of the way Bill Evans plays. The both group the chord progression into little blocks of info. I’ve still got to work on that. I had a lot of fun with the Loop Station. I’ve got a nice bass sound when I play with the tone knob on the Klein and I laid down a quick bass line to ATTYA to improvise and comp over. I’m getting used to using the Line 6 without a click track and should have some recordings up later this month.


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