Thursday, May 19, 2005

Flood on the Ant Farm

My pickup came in the mail today! The SD Jazz pickup that came from Lorenzo was defective and now I have a new one. I’m going to take it in to Ben tomorrow and have him put it in. I’m really excited. I feel like I’ve been playing half a guitar the past month.
I took a little break from my Paul Desmond studies and moved over to soprano saxophonist Phillip Johnston. I worked on his arrangement of Hemline, a Steve Lacy tune. It was fun to transcribe because it’s such a simple foundation that just gets expounded by Johnston’s arrangement. The whole is a development based on Eb Lydian b7 line that gets used in the bass, melody and harmony throughout the tune (forwards and backwards). Because of the intricacy it was real delight to transcribe. It reminds me of doing the crosswords and getting excited by the writer’s cleverness. I improvised over the solo section and grabbed a couple of Johnston’s licks, but I’ll have to take a more serious look tomorrow. The saxophone is such an interesting instrument. There are some licks that I really want to investigate, and then there are others that are not so exciting. He has this one run that he does that it a chromatic line, but it sounds so cool. I wonder if I could sound that cool playing on guitar…..


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