Monday, May 23, 2005


I worked on two main things today: Modal vamps and playing transcribed solos. I’m trying to work on a little more structure with my practicing and Tim Miller suggested that I consistently work on solos that I’ve transcribed and play them over and over. So I worked on Miles: So What, Phillip Johnston: Hemline, & Paul Desmond: ATTYA. I should incorporate some Charlie Christian, Jim Hall, Keith Jarrett & Bill Frisell. Tim suggested that I take all the solos and burn them on to a CD so they are together. That’s good advise. The project aspect of it is nice. It’s help me clean up some spots in the Miles & Paul Desmond solos.
My other big topic was modal vamps. With modal vamps there are so many places to go, but right now I’m looking at harmony, and improvising with superimposed changes and improvising up and down each string (Mick Goodrick’s exercise). I recorded a modal vamp for each major mode in the loopstation except for locrian (my locrain groove kept moving to ionian) and then used the improvising techniques against them. Modal playing is not my strong point, so I’m enjoying the Miles solo. I want to look into Tim’s playing and Wayne Krantz’s playing. I think I can find some modal ideas there.


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