Monday, May 16, 2005

Back to Boston

I was away for a long weekend celebrating my sister’s graduation. My music itch was scratched when I picked up a small music notebook/journal. In my spare moments I would write out a solo over the All The Things You Are changes. It wasn’t the greatest of solos and it was really only one chord at a time (I wasn’t looking at the whole tune as the big picture), but it was a great exercise. It was like really slow improvising. When I got home today I played through a couple of the lines I wrote and was intrigued by my choices. Some of my musical choices were very different than what I would play on the guitar. Some were bad, and some lead me to a cooler ideas. Now that I think about it, I only got through 3 measures: Fm7, Bbm7, & Eb7. After playing the lines in different octaves and different positions I took the loopstation out and recorded a very slow vamp for Fm7 to Bbm7. I had a slow temp and 8 beats per chord to try out some different things. My idea was, if when I’m writing solos I’m more thoughtful and concious about my musical choices, what would happen if I slowed down the tempo and used the same ideas. They are coming from the same brain. It didn’t work out as eloquently as I expected, but it did lead me to another exercise, which is really where I should have started and what I was doing last week: developing a profound and intamate relationship with the chord changes. I worked on position playing, alternating between playing the changes and playing over the changes (chord vs. scale) and then moved on to playing over the first 8 bars of All The Things You Are. It may not sound like much, but this kept me very busy for a long time. I feel good about it. I recognize the work-out aspects of it and I’m looking forward to working on this again tomorrow.
In other news: I’ve added two loops from the past couple months on my projects page of my website:


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