Monday, May 09, 2005

Back on Track

The past couple of days I’ve been working on pretty much the same thing: changes. I’ve been sticking with All The Things You Are and just trying to understand the changes a little more intimately. I’m working on playing the arpeggios for the whole tune on each of the six strings, I’m playing in position in different areas of the guitar, and just generally trying to clean up any aspects of the changes that I’m not totally confident. It’s a tough and thorough exercise. In this stage I’m experiencing a lot of frustration. A lot of what I play is either very technical, not very musical or just sucks. I do recognize this as a good thing. I remember what it was like sucking when I was playing rock tunes and learning the blues. Speaking of which, I’ve also been counter-balancing this practice with improvising over very familiar and simple changes. I have better ears for pop/rock/blues music. It’s exciting to think that I’ll be able to have that freedom in a denser harmonic setting. And this brings me back to my old ear exercises. I’m trying to get back on board with the journal thing and build some momentum for myself. I’m going to try to keep more regular journal entries. I stopped by Teroria tonight for an ear test. I only had enough time for 25 ascending melodic intervals: 71% I was close on the ones I missed and very clear with the ones I got right. It’s nice to see some progress (It’s been two months since I’ve done the ET tests).


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