Tuesday, March 01, 2005

snow day

I started the morning with breakfast from "Bagel Rising" and a DVD with Mike Stern. Mike was talking about some soloing approaches to the Blues. After breakfast I had a chance to work one of the concepts: triad tritone subsitituition.
In a Bb Blues: Bb adds E
Eb adds A
F adds B
The tritone triad serves as the b5, b7 & b9. It's a nice little dissonance in between two tonic arpeggios, and because it's running through a triad, there is some strength in the line.

The next concept I want to look at is II-V substitutions over each chord.
Mike said that both of these ideas were from Charlie Banacus.

I continued my Mike Stern work this afternoon. I'm trying to get those triad subsititions under my fingers. I'll have to get the metronome out next time.
I also tried to incorporate the II-V substitutions as well. I'm going to have to spend a little time on that one.
I was working through a 12 bar blues and then snagged a jazzier 12-bar blues from Stern. It's a nice progression with some II-Vs and sounds like a happy-fun blues. That's my kind of blues. I'll probably use that progression at Herrells.
I also worked a little on the Horvitz licks. I'm going to try and sit down and do some analyzing this evening.

I anaylzed the Horvitz licks to find a lot of IIIm, Vm & bVIm arrpeggios over the I to really give a fancy alterted sound to the whole thing (I think). I'm still trying to get my fingers around the licks. I brought the metromome up to 160 bpm, but I'm having a hard time making it swing at that tempo (duh). I'm basically working on my shredder licks. It's been a good 10 years since I've done anything like this. Back then I was looking at Satriani and Vai. I also had a whammy bar. Awesome!
I'm going to try some of these licks again before I go to bed tonight and see if I can get REM to help process this information (pattern).

Ear Training: 75% on diatonic asceding intervals


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