Monday, March 28, 2005

Rain, rain, go away

Afternoon: I had a big day on harmonic ideas. I reworked all of my old chord grips and incorporated the Bill Evans style grips. I worked out some new ones along the way and tried to come up with a set for the top & middle 4 strings (I’ll work on the bass area of the guitar separately). The chord voicings are a little big, but I’m really coming to terms with my Solo Guitarness. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I want to work on ensemble playing techniques (single line playing, smaller chord voicings, etc.), but the reality is that I don’t have an ensemble to play with right now. I’m doing the Solo Guitar thing now, so why not just work on that. Ensemble playing will most likely just be a reduction. It’s a refreshing perspective and helps out with my stess/anxiety levels.

I was very pleased with the chord voicings I came up with. I only worked on minor 7ths and have a couple of flexible grips in case I want some internal lines or if I have to avoid a tension (9 or 13).

I also took this opportunity to review my chord tones and played the chord tones, cycle 5 of the minor 7th chords up and down each sting individually. It’s a fun exercise to do with the TV. It’s so thorough, and borderline monotonous, that I have a hard time completing it unless I’m focusing on something else.

I also spent some time working on some richer voice-leading chord grips for All The Things You Are. I was using Evans’ use of the sus4, 9 & b9.

Occasionally, I would improvise through the changes unaccompanied. I also worked on building the melody of the tune into my playing.


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