Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Morning: I had jury duty today and the let all 271 one of us out at 11:15am. They said that all the cases for the day had been resolved without the need for a jury. Woo hoo! I spent some time before that in a hot, cramped room reading about Bill Evans and scribbling out my minor 7th chord voicings from yesterday.

Afternoon: I didn’t have a lot of time on the guitar today, but I revisited my minor 7th voicings from yesterday and they were quite present. I also worked on the melody of the tune again. I had kept forgetting the middle part of the tune, so I worked on memorizing that today with the supporting harmonies. Tomorrow I should withdraw to just bass notes, so that I’m not to grip or pattern heavy. I’d also like to work on memorizing the Bill Evans’ melody. I think his melody works better as a ballad. The standard melody seems work only at up-tempo settings.


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