Thursday, March 03, 2005


Observations from Herrell's: It was an okay show. It's still a little tough really figuring out what I'm doing there. I'm not sure what side of the of the line of background/ambient musician vs. featured entertainment I'm on.

My initial thoughts after the gig were that I wished I was better prepared. Sometimes I feel that way when I haven't practiced in a while, but that wasn't the case this time. Sometimes as I was playing I would get the point where I didn't know what to do next. Sometimes I'd have a great idea, other times I would be a little stuck and float around for a while. That's the hard part of doing a Solo Gig - you never can take a break and listen to the band.

My lesson learned was to prepare more repertoire for these types gigs. I'm excited by that idea. The first hour was mostly improvised, but I didn't read any music and I worked to blend all of the pieces together. The second half I used some music to guide me, but again it was mostly improvised or memorized. But I would like to bring a little more clarity or seriousness to the performance. Herrell's gigs have been a relaxing experience for a while and a place for me to try out things and experiment. From that perspective, I've been a little loose (intentionally) for those performances. I was impressed with my ability to improvise and streamline a 2-hour performance, but next time I want to work on putting together 2 sets of material. I was kind of doing that on Thursday, but I want to have a little more focus the next time.

I'm listening the second set I as I write this and I crack myself up occasionally. My time was really weak (and embarrassing) in the beginning, but I think that's because I can't hear myself that well (i should move the amp closer to me next time). It's also quite refreshing to listen to parts that I thought sucked last night. My own experience of creating and thinking of the next thing to play can affect how I listen to music. Most of the time it just clouds my hearing and I focus on my thoughts.

I'll post some excerpts soon.

Practice: Not much practice on Thursday. I spent a while working out some disposable drum grooves with delay pedal to help with the show, but in general I stayed away from the guitar. Sometimes that can help me to remain fresh for a show.


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