Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Frozen Day

Morning: I analyzed some of my old Bill Evans voicings and started a new sheet of moveable Bill Evans voicings that I can reference for the future.
I did my ET tests and was amazed at how poorly I was doing. It reminded me of my poor guitar technique yesterday. Oh well. I’m still surprised at how rusty I am after just taking a couple days off.
ET Results:
Ascending Diatonic Intervals: 79%
Harmonic Diatonic Intervals: 72%
Triads Root Position: 42%
Seventh Chords Root Position: 49%
I’m also going to try warming up on my instrument before I do my ET tests in the future. I might just be rusty from the morning, pre-coffee experience. Either way, I don’t want to be rusty forever.

Evening: I spent a lot of time working through Bill Evans voicings. I was looking at my transcription of All The Things You Are from last month and working the voicings into practical grips on different sets of strings. It’s turning out to bigger project than I expected. The voicings keep multiplying and the combinations for II-V I’s seem endless.
After that work I started on transcribing more of the tune and I’m noticing Bill using a lot of tight voicings. He’s usually got a minor or major second right in the middle of the chord. That's not always easy to get on the instrument. So I'm coming up with some new voicing ideas as well as some open string voicings.
I’m having trouble getting warmed up to transcribing solo piano again. The overtones can be confusing and I’m never really sure how many notes he is playing. It’s a confusing process. I’m using headphones and Cool Edit Pro to isolate small portions. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little easier.


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