Monday, March 14, 2005

Diet Grrr

Evening: I didn't get a chance to work on as much stuff I would have liked today. I got a little preoccupied and frustrated with's new software: Scorch. It's torn apart my computer and made my day a nightmare, and I can't order any music because the software keeps crashing their website.
I had a chance to spend some time working on my Bill Evans voicings again. They are really sounding nice. I'm working through ATTYA and it's bringing a lot of depth to my playing and the tune.
I also took a moment, recorded the chords and then improved through the changes. I haven't done that in a while, but I was amazed with the results. I was using a lot of Bill's phrasing and note choices. It was a really wild experience to go so long without practicing and sound so good. It's an amazing display of the power of listening.

Later: We had a power failure in Allston and my flashlight was not bright enough to read from. It left me with nothing to do but practice. I turned the metronome on and worked on my ATTYA voicings and playing through changes again, this time, as a Solo Guitarist. Then with the metronome on I worked on a I VIm IV V progression in D. That kept me busy for a while. I was surprised with the way I was interacting with the metronome. I've been using the click on 2 & 4 for a long time now and it was awkward to have it on all 4 beats.


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