Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Busy Day

I worked on some ideas for Herrell's tomorrow.
I'm trying to work on drum beats with the delay pedal and some modal grooves. I'm using the wah, delay, distortion, & pick-up selector to give me a range of sounds. I'm longing to have a keyboardist's setup. oh well.
It was a good exercise.... I spent about two hours total working on different ideas. I was trying to come up with a groove and a melody real fast and then move on to another one. It was creatively satisifing. Tommorrow I'll work on development and let the live situation yield whatever it needs to.
I'm going to record the Herrell's performance. I'll have some clips up by the weekend.
I listened more to the Horvitz stuff. I'm dissapointed the Zony Mash arrangments.
I'm going to do some ear work after class tonight, but other than that I'm done for the day.

ET Update:
82% Ascending Diatonic Intervals
67% Harmonic Disatonic Intervals


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