Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ahh Desmond

Afternoon: I reviewed my work on the Bill Evans transcription that I’ve been working on. It feels good. I worked long and hard on that piece and it was fulfilling to play through what I’ve worked on. I’m going to put is aside for a little while and move from harmonic studies to melodic studies.

I’m sticking with the same tune (All The Things You Are) and looking at Paul Desmond’s solo off his album of duets with Gerri Mulligan. They are both great players. I think I’m going to really focus on the first chorus from each of their solos, but right now I’m just working on Desmond. I worked through about a quarter of the first chorus, playing with the CD and trying to match Desmond’s phrasing. Ghost notes don’t work the same on guitar. He’s playing the piece too fast for me right now, so I’ve slowed down about a 25% (same pitch). It’s putting some nice vocabulary under my fingers and it’s nice to work something other than voicings. When I was getting bored I was plaing call & response with Paul. My biggest frustration is with my tune. A telecaster doesn’t really compare with a soprano sax. My stings are too thin and low (buzzz), the strings are also a little old. I’m going to work a little more on in the evening on some of his licks, but really in a noodling way… nothing too serious.


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