Monday, February 28, 2005

with a view

worked on some of the more challenging lines in "Stompin' at the Cranium" (Horvitz). Got the metronome up to a quarter-note at 110bpm. Memorized most of the piece.
Just got to get it under my fingers a little better and analyze some of the ideas.
Next step after that is to take a look at some of the solo.

Did some ET exercise online: ascending intervals. Averaged 65%

Also analyzed some Horvitz's Zony Mash music..... checking out some of his melodic ideas.
There are some noticeable gaps in the arrangements. It's almost like they forgot who was supposed to be playing.

I'm having some trouble with my electric guitar strings. It seems like the are lasting about 3-5 days a set. It's getting expensive and laborious to change them so often. I'm using D'Addarios now. I'm going to go back to DR's this week..... see what happens

I have some Bill Evans, Wayne Krantz & Wanye Horvitz work for tomorrow.
It's looks like it'll be a nice snowed-in day.
Good for practice.


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