Sunday, February 27, 2005

Fancy Noodling

Spent about two hours tonight working on some Solo Guitar grooves with the loop station, wah and zony mash ideas.
I'm trying to work some stuff up for Herrells.
Came up with some good back beats and rhythm vamps over a "stompin' at the cranium" type groove (Horvitz). I'm using an abbreviated melody for the main theme and soloing ideas. I had a lot of fun playing with the different pedals. I'm jealous of an organ players ability to jump from keyboard to keyboard and get a different sound. I've been using the "warp" function on the boss delay pedal to get an intense Leslie sound for emphasis. That and the wah give me a lot of range for the guitar. I still would like to check out a octave pedal & whammy pedal.
I also worked on an idea with the Loop Station. I took a couple songs and played the melody for the entire tune at a flexible tempo and then each time it would loop around I would add another accompaniment; starting from counterpoint, to bass motion, to chord voicings. It was fun and I think it sounded nice, but I have a hard to controlling the loop vs. overdub levels and I can accidentally run out of room to play with all the loops going on; I just let the loop keep on looping. If I had a way of removing selected loops that would be cool, but the loop station doesn't work that way.
All in all, it was really a bunch of noodling. I've got some Wayne Krantz ideas I want to work on and some Bill Evans work to do, but apparently not tonight.


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