Sunday, February 27, 2005

Day 1

I'm starting this blog just after a month of almost exclusive preparation for an NEC audition. Now that it's over I'm feeling the momentum and power in my practice.

I thought it would be beneficial to document my practice process for my own benefit, but also a public offering might be helpful for my students. Plus, knowing that someone is reading this is a good motivator for me.

Right now, I'm working on a couple of things. I'm using the momentum for the NEC audition to continue my ear training exercises. They are a nice compliment when I need to take a break from playing the instrument (cool down the hands, or cool down the guitar). I'm using the online ear training drills at Teoria as well as playing and singing intervals on the guitar or piano.

I'm also picking up my Wayne Horvitz studies again. I was working on some Horvitz music before the whole NEC application process and it's nice to play the music again (my NEC preparation was so focused that I really had to put everything else aside. It was actually nice to watch the news again, I've been without it and most TV for about a month now). I'm working on two tunes by Horvitz off his "Brand Spanking New" album with Zony Mash. I have a score to one and I'm learning the other by ear. Some of the licks are fast and because they are played on keyboard, are not necessarily that easy on guitar. But Timothy Young is doubling all of Wayne's lines on guitar, on the album, and therefore there must be some way I can do it as well. I'm having fun with the work and will probably play some at Herrell's this Thursday.

I'm going to resume my Bill Evans project this week. I'm working on transcribing and arranging his solo piano version of "All The Things You Are" for Solo Guitar. It's a joy of project and a great education in jazz voicings and improvising.


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